• Family
  • Hindi
  • 1960
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Family
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - M.V.M. Production
  • Director - R. Krishna | S. Panju


Cast - Balraj Sahni,Padmini,Vijaya Chaudhary


Duration - 2:52:18

Type - Color

Grade - B+

Censor Rating - U


Devraj, Played By Balraj Sahni, Is A Manager At A Consturction Site, Where He Falls In Love With One Of The Laborers, Bindiya, Also Known As Bindu, Played By Padmini. Bindu Has A Younger Brother, Ramu, Who Is A Good Boy, And Devraj Has A Younger Brother, Raju, Who Is Kind Of Spoiled. All Of Them End Up In The Same House Together åÛÒ And Actually Get A Bigger House At Some Point åÛÒ And Then They Take In Their Friend Chandan, The Former Tea Seller, As Their Cook. All Of Them Get A Little Older. Ramu Becomes A Very Studious Young Man Who Is Shy Of Women. Raju Is A Juvenile Delinquent Of Sorts, Who Is Also Rather Bold. Ramu And Raju Fall In Love With The Same Young Woman, Rama, And Trouble Brews Between Them. Meanwhile, Devraj Is One Day Approached By His Step Mother And Step Sister (Whom He Didn‰ÛªT Even Know Before), Who Beg To Be Taken Into His House. But They Don‰ÛªT Have The Best Of Intentions; In Fact, Their Aim Is To Do Everything They Can To Make A Big Place For Themselves In This Household, Which Means Influencing Devraj (Who Turns Out To Be Remarkably Gullible) Against Bindu. Devraj‰ÛªS Step Sister, Nandini, Is Especially Good At This Task. Meanwhile, Bindu Is Finding Reason To Doubt Devraj. Both Mistakenly Suspect Each Other Of Infidelity. All Sorts Of Other Gross Misunderstandings Happen, In Part Because People Are Urging Other People Not To Talk About Things. Bindu Also Feels Compelled To Be Infuriatingly Obedient Toward Her Husband åÛÒ Though She Somehow Manages To Challenge Him Well Enough At Certain Times, In Effective Ways. Things Get More Messy And Entangled And, By The Way, Bindu Has Found Out That She Is Pregnant, Too. Everybody Becomes Tormented. People Cry A Lot. People Are Falsely Accused. People Threaten Suicide.