Chaahat Ek Ehsaas

  • Adult
  • Hindi
  • 2009
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chaahat ek ehsaas 2009

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Adult
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - R. Shankar
  • Director - S. Latif

Cast - Ali Khan,Mamta Chauhan,Manoranjan Jha


Type - Color

Grade - B

Censor Rating - A


Rahul And Priya Are Classmates And Badly In Love With Each Other. Priyas Elder Sister, Shalini, Have No Objection In This Relationship. Once Shalini Slaps Mahesh'S Friend, Harry During The Interview Mahesh Takes It As His Personal Insult. Mahesh Is A Spoilt Son Of A Millionaire Father, Dhanraj. Mahesh Has Practice To Detain Lady Worker For Overtime And Then Enjoy With Her. A Victim Of Mahesh This Deed, Commit Suicide. Nvestigating Officer Inspector Prashant Could Do Nothing To Mahesh Due To High Influence Of His Father. Shalini Pacifies Prashant And Tells Him That The Nature Does The Justice In Its Own Way. One Day Mahesh Stops Shalini For Over Time. Priya Comes There Searching Shalini. Shalini Manages To Escape But Priya Finds Herself In Trouble.