Char Dervesh

  • Mythological
  • Hindi
  • 1964
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char dervesh 1964

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Mythological
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Vasant
  • Director - Homi Wadia

Music - G.S. KOHLI

Cast - Feroz Khan,Kumari Naaz,Mustafa,Sayeeda Khan


Duration - 2:30:52

Type - Color

Grade - B+

Censor Rating - U


A Man Who Wanders From Place To Place In Order To Seek Fulfilment Of His Hearts Desire Can Be Rightly Called A "Dervesh". But It Is Only When He Steps Into The Temple Of Purity That He Can Reach His Destination. Out Of Four Such Mendicants (Char Dervesh) Was One Qamar (Feroze Khan). . Qamars Brothers Rahim And Karim (Azim & Sunder) Were The Parasites Of Commander Yusuf Beg (Amarnath). They Have Robbed Qamar Of His Wealth Made Him Homeless And Are Now Bent Upon Doing Him To Death Once, Running Away From His Pursuers, Qamar Had To Jump Into The Royal Hammam And Incur The Wrath Of Princess Nargis (Saeeda Khan). . Qamar Is Condemned And Exiled By The King (W.M.Khan). Princess Nargis Who Had Fallen In Love With Qamar, Pines For Him. Rahim And Karim Throw Their Brother Qamar Into The Sea Along With The Captain Of The Ship Masha-Allah (Mukri) Who Had Tried To Save Him. Both Reach The Underwater Palace Of Magician Makaan Where Hamida Banoo, The Lost Sister Of Nargis (Naaz) Is Imprisoned Along With Marjeena, The Mistress Of Magic (Ratnamala). . Qamar And Masha-Allah Manage To Escape Along With The Magic Lamp Of The Magician And With The Heip Of The Rather Delicate Genie Fo This Lamp (Paul Sharma), Qamar Succeeds In Winning The Love Of Princess Nargis Banoo, Disguising Himself As The Prince Of Khorrasan. . When Yusuf Beg Exposes Qamar To The King, Qamar Informs The Court That Princess Hamida Is Alive. Nagris Declares That She Would Marry That Person Who Succeeds In Bringing Back Her Sister, Safe And Sound. . Qamar Goes Back To The Magic Place. But The Fiendish Magician Imprisons Qamar And Marjeena Inside A Magic Cell. Here As A Result Of The Falling Of Qamars Blood Upon Marjeena She Turns From A Lifeless Stone Into A Live Woman. Now She Agrees To Rescue Hamida On Qamar Accepting Certain Condition Laid Down By Her. She Converts Herself Into A Cobra And Reduces Makaan Ashes. Qamar And Hamida Go Back To The Royal Palace But Due To The Promise Given T Marjeena, Qamar Can No Longer Marry Nargis. In Order To Clear The Misunderstanding Created Nargis Mind He Blurts Out The Whole Secret To Her. Angered By This Marjeena Turns Qamar Completely Black. He Comes To The Durgah Where The Pir - Mard Guides Him To The Temple Of Purity. . In The Meantime Yusuf Beg Happens To Acquire The Magic Lamp. He Not Only Usurps The Throne But Also Prepares To Marry Nargis. Does He Succeed In His Evil Design? How Qamar Gets Back His Orginal Self, Fights The Villanious Yususf Beg With The Help Of The Holi Dust, The Flying Horse, The Cloak Of Invisibility And The Antics Of His Faithful Dog Ashiq (Rover). . See All This And Much More On The Screen In Basant Pictures And Wadia Brothers Most Spetacular Film Char Dervesh.

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