Chemistry Of Kariyappa (Hindi Dubbed)

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 2019
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chemistry of kariyappa hindi dubbed 2019

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Comedy, Drama
  • Language - Hindi
  • Available languages - Hindi


  • Producer - D.S. Manjunath
  • Director - Kumar

Cast - Sanjana Anand, Chandan Achar, Pranaya Murthy, Tabla Nani,


Duration - 2h  8m

Type - Color

Grade - A+


Chemistry Of Kariyappa Is Based On A True Incident That Took Place In Mandya. It Showed A Lot Of Promise In The Trailer, But The Magic Is Replicated In The Film Only To A Certain Extent. Uttara Kumar'S (Chandan Achar) Parents Are Struggling To Find The Right Match For Their Son, Who Is 30 Years Old. Cupid Strikes When Uttara Falls In Love With Chitra (Sanjana), Who I S A Tele-Caller. The Couple Gets Consent From Their Parents To Get Married, And All Is Hunky Dory Till Uttara Suddenly Gets A Divorce Notice From Chitra. The Reason Chitra Cites For Divorce Becomes The Talk Of The Town. When Chitra And Uttara Fail To Reconcile, What Follows Is A Courtroom Drama. Chemistry Of Kariyappa Highlights The Bond Of A Father And Son, And Throws Light On The Shallow Relationship Between A Husband And Wife, Which Is The Reason Behind The Increase In The Number Of Divorce Cases. Director Kumar'S Attempt To Make A Comedy Flick Falls Flat, And Turns Out Be Preachy. There Isn'T Enough Meat In The Script. The Narration Should Have Been Handled Better To Make It An Interesting Watch, With A Tight Screenplay. Chandan Does His Best As The Lead Actor, And Tabla Nani As Kariyappa Is A Stand-Out Performance.