• Action
  • Suspense
  • Hindi
  • 1991
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Action, Suspense
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Raaj Kumar Ludhianvi
  • Director - Kishore Vyas

Music - Anand and Milind

Cast - Akshay Kumar,Mohnish Behl, Kirti Singh


Duration - 2:06:18

Type - Color

Grade - A+

Censor Rating - U


This Is The Story Of A Dancer, Whose Life Starts With Pleasant Musical Evening And Moves On In A Tribulent River Of Woes, Frustation Love, Hate And High Emotions. . Child Rajas Dancer Father Is Murdered. His Mother Is Charged For This Murder And Sentenced For Fourteen Years. All The Hopes And Support Of Life Are Snatched Away From Time. Now Where Will He Go? What Will He Do? . After Much Turmoil And Suffering Raja Gets A Helping Hand From Manglu Chacha Who Is Himslef A Street Singer And Has Two Children, Datta & Radha Who Are Also Of Rajas Age. . In The Company Of Datta & Raja, Raja Grows Up And Wins A Dance Competition By Defeating The Famous Dancing Pair Priya & Mohnish. . Mohnish Becomes Rajas Rival Whereas Priya Falls In Love With Raja. At Home Radha Also Falls In Love With Raja. . After Fourteen Years Wher His Mother Is Releaved From Jail. Raja Brings Her Home. In Duel Course Raja Becomes A Very Successful Dancer Alongwith Priya As His Dancing Partner. . Many Shows Are Arranged Both In India And Abroad. Priyas Fatehr Brijbhushan Invites Raja And His Mother To A Party, Where He Wants To Announce Priyas Engament With Raja. In The Party Rajas Mother Recognise Brijbushan As Her Husbands Killer.

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