Dhan Daulat

  • Drama
  • Romantic
  • Hindi
  • 1980
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dhan daulat 1980

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Drama, Romantic
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Vinod Shah
  • Director - Harish Shah


Cast - Mala Sinha,Neetu Singh,Rajendra Kumar,Rishi Kapoor


Duration - 2:26:26

Type - Color

Grade - A

Censor Rating - U


Mangatram (Premnath) And Bajirao (Pran) Are Two Good Hearted Simpleton Who Own A Truck. They Live Together And They Have Nobody In This World. One Day While Transfering The Goods, They Find A Child In Their Truck. As There Is Nobody To Claim The Child, They Decide To Bring Him Up. They Name Him Lucky. Lucky Is Brought Up Iwth Too Much Love And Pamper And Becomes Very Naughty. He Loves His Two Fathers Very Much And Cannot Stand Anything Said Against Them. So When Some Boys In College Joke Against The Profession Of His Fathers, He Fights With Them For Which He Is Thrown Out Of College. Both The Fathers Are Very Angry With Him And They Lock Him In The House And Go Away. Lucky (Rishi Kapoor) Requests Shanti (Neetu Singh), Who By Chance Was Passing Boy, To Open The Door. Shanti Takes It As A Joke And Walks Away. . After Getting Free By Fathers, Lucky Is Now After Shanti And Gradually The Love Between Them Starts. . One Day While Passing By The Shop Of Vasudha (Mala Sinha), Lucky Finds Some Gangsters Troubling Her. To Save Her Humiliation Lucky Fights. Joined By His Fathers He Manages To Drive Them Away, But In Process Vasudhas Shop Is Completely In Shambles. Seeing The Condition, These Samaritans Bring Her To Their Basti And Give Her Shelter. . Shanti Is Unhappy About Lucky As He Is Jobless. Vasudha Tries To Make Him Understand That To Marry Shanti, Lucky Should Earn His Own Bread. Lucky Starts A Business Of Manufacturing Matches. His Two Fathers Mortage Their Truck To Help Him. The People Of The Basti Also Help Him By Their Tiny Savings And Thus Apna Mathces Factory Is Founded. By Seeing The Popularity Of Apna Matches, Ripco Match Factory Owner Raj Saxena (Rajendra Kumar), Ruins Luckys Enterprises. . Shocked Lucky Gets Another Jolt When His Marriage With Shanti Is Rejected Her Father (Madan Puri) As He Has No Real Identity. In The Meantime Vasudha Comes To Know That Lucky Is Her Long Lost Son But Cannot Come Into The Open As She Is Unable To Tellthe Name Of His Father. Burning With Revenge And Humiliation, Lucky Leaves His Two Fathers And His Surroundings And Joins Hands With Sudhir Chopra (Prem Chopra) Who Has Score To Settle With Raj Saxena. Thus Lucky Enters A New World, The World Of Money For The Lack Of Which He Has Beaten. Money On His Hands He Starts Ruling The Business Of Raj Saxena. In The Process He Loses His Two Fathers And Shanti Who Cannot Digest His Ways And Means Of Earning Money. . Lucky Realizes His Mistakes And Wants To Leave The Company Of Sudhir. When Sudhir Chopra Realizes About Luckys Decision, He Puts The Basti On Fire, And Blames Raj Saxena For It. Lucky Goes To Kill Raj Saxena But Is Apprehended By Saxenas People And Handed Over To The Police. Vasudha Cannot Stay Silent Anymore And Comes To Raj Saxenas House With Mangat And Bajirao To Tell Him That Lucky Is Raj Saxenas Own Son This News Reaches Sudhir Chopra Also And He Kidnaps Lucky And Shanti And Informs Raj Saxena That His Son Back Provided He Helps Him To Smuggle His Goods Through His Shipping Line. Even In This Big Fix, Raj Saxena Is Ready To Anything To Save His Son.

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