Ek Bulandi (Hindi Dubbed)

  • Action
  • Hindi
  • 2008
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Action
  • Language - Hindi


Cast - Balakrishna, Abbas, Rami Reddy


Duration - 2h 04m

Type - Color


The Story is about Krishna Babu who is the man of jamindar clan in Krishnapuram, who is considered as the most important man in that village. Vijay Babu is his brother doing his graduation in Hyderabad. Chandra Babu is the maternal uncle of KrishnaBabu who stays along with him to take care of him. Krishna Babu meets the sensuous damsel Rama, the daughter of the new head master. Rama and KrishnaBabu fall in love over the period of time. Meantime Vijay Babu is in love till his neck with his classmate Shilpa in Hyderabad. Rama and KrishnaBabu are all set to get engaged to each other.