Ek: The Power Of One

  • Action
  • Hindi
  • 2009
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ek the power of one 2009

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Action
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Jaswant Khera
  • Director - Sangeeth Sivan

Music - Pritam Chakraborty

Cast - Bobby Deol,Shriya Saran,Nana Patekar

Screenplay - Pankaj Trivedi, Sachin Shah


Type - Color

Story - Pankaj Trivedi,Sachin Shah


Nandu (Bobby Deol) An Orphan Turned Assassin Somehow Gets Wrongly Accused Of A Politician'S Murder And Is On The Run. On His Escapade On A Train He Meets Shekhar (Pradeep), Who Is Homebound After Fourteen Years, They Get Chatting And Nandu Finds All About His Joint Family And The Wedding Of Shekhar'S Cousin That He Is Going To Attend. However The Police Catch Up With Nandu On The Train And Shoot At Him But Shekhar Shields Nandu And Dies On The Spot. Nandu Goes To Shekhar'S Family Home In His Village To Return His Grandfathers Watch And Also To Break The News Of His Grandson'S Death To Him. However It Turns Out That Shekhar'S Family Mistakes Nandu For Shekhar And Makes Him A Part Of The Celebration At Home. Preet (Shriya Saran), Who Is The Daughter Of Shekhar'S Grandfather'S Friend Is In Awe Of Nandu And Falls In Love With Him. Cbi Inspector Rane (Nana Patekar), Is Given The Responsibility Of Tracking Down The Killer And Is After Nandu. Will Nandu Be Able To Come Out Of The Crisis A Winner? Will The Family Come To Know About His Truth? What Would Be The Fate Of Nandu And Preet'S Love Story? Who Was The Real Killer?