• Comedy
  • Marathi
  • 2016
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Comedy
  • Language - Marathi


  • Producer - Deepak Jawdekar, Sarita Shetty, Amit P. Singh
  • Director - Adesh Navkudkar

Cast - Sanjay Kapre, Swanand Desai, Tanvie Kishore, Asit Redij, Namdeo Murkute, Yakub Sayeed


Duration - 1h 29m

Type - Color


Chandrakant Londhe (Kilwar), who is eager for money and dreams of being rich quickly, frequently fails in his efforts. Now he is plotting ways to become wealthy, but his son Chhava may fall prey to this scheme. This confounds Chhava's life, which becomes entertaining for the audience but unpleasant for Chhava. Can Chhava get himself out of this situation? Or will he succumb to his father's dumb plan?