• Thriller
  • Malayalam
  • 2021
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Thriller
  • Language - Malayalam


  • Director - Anand Paga

Music - Anandh Kumar

Cast - Sudheer Karamana, Gibu George, Vijay Menon, Devika Sivan, Sooraj, Jayaram Nair


Duration - 2h 21m

Type - Color


GRAHANAM is a psychological suspense thriller inspired by true events and shot in Malayalam language. The story revolves around the life of a newly married couple Roy and Tina who are settled in Singapore. Roy is a renowned Indian scientist doing his research on a project called GRAHANAM - The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse And Its Impact On Human Psychology. Tina is a homemaker and an avid book reader. Roy's and Tina's happy married life lands into unsettling loop of twists when a doubt about Roy's identity haunts Tina. Roy on the other hand is shaken by Tina's unexpected hostile behavior. This creates conflicts and drift between the couple and Roy consults his dear ones for advice when the situation starts to go out of his control. None of the close circle of friends notice any sort of changes in Tina's behavior, instead they sense Roy's overwhelming work pressure could be the cause of uncertainties in their life. Finally, on the night of GRAHANAM, a life threatening incident that happens between the couple leaves everyone in shock. What happens that night? Who is the culprit? Did Roy become the victim of his own research about psychological effects of Lunar eclipse? Or is there a different dimension intertwined to the current situation to bury a dark secret? WHAT IS THE TRUTH. The film attempts to join all the untied and unsolved nodes with a gripping screenplay, vibrant visuals, feel good songs, light humour, suspense elements and intense emotions. This film also portrays a harsh truth prevailing in the current society in an emotional manner.