Hunterwali Ke Beti

  • Mythological
  • Hindi
  • 1943
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hunterwali ki beti 1943

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Mythological
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Basant Pictures
  • Director - Batuk Bhatt


Cast - Fearless Nadia, Johan Cawas, Shyam Sunder, Rajkumari


Duration - 1:37:48

Type - Black And White

Censor Rating - U


All Was Peace And Happiness In The Reign Of Queen Madhuri-Also Known As Hunterwali. One Day, Suddenly Pratap The Queens Cousin, Invaded The Palace And Set It On Fire, Instigated By Ajit, His Crooked Comrade Ishwarsing, His Faithful Soldier Of The Palace, Escaped With Kishori, The Little Princess, Followed By Ajit. . Twelve Years Pass. The Princess Kishori, Trained By Ishwarsing, Now Leads The Agitation For Justice And Freedom. Pratap Alarmed By The Exploits Orders Her Capture Dead Or Alive. Failing To Do So, A Reward Is Offered For Her Arrest. Kishori In Turn Demands To Know Whereabout Of Her Mother. . Just As Kumar Undertakes To Do The Needful, The Daughter Of Hunterwali Appears On The Scene. Kumar Is Saved From Being Killed By Comrade Of The Daughter Of The Hunterwali By Herself, Who Thus Impresses Him With Her Real Nature. The Would-Be Assasin, However, Angered By The Incident Joins Ajit In His Plot To Capture Her, Along With Her Friends As A Result Vijay Is Captured And Fastended To A Railway Track. He Escapes. The Daughter Of Hunterwali Now Join Him, Followed By Ajits Men. They Save Themselves, However, And Are Now Free. . On The Advice Of Ajit, Pratap Issues A Proclamation To The Effect That Madhuri, Alias Hunterwali, Shall Be Hanged In The Black Fortress. Ajit Expresses The Hope To Pratap That This Contemplated Action Will Cause Kumar To Appear On The Scene For The Rescue Of The Daughter Of Hunterwali And Accordingly He Arranges To Assemble All In The Fortress On The Day Of Execution. In Order To Save Her Mother, The Daughter Of Hunterwali, At A Great To Her Own Life, Hastens To The Black Fortress.