Ina Mina Dika

  • Comedy
  • Marathi
  • 1989
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Comedy
  • Language - Marathi


  • Producer - Raju Paskar
  • Director - Rajeev Patkar

Cast - Ashok Saraf, Prashant Damale, Archana Patkar, Rekha Rao, Sudhir Joshi, Viju Khote


Duration - 2h 17m

Type - Color


Vasu Inamdar (Ina) suffers from a disorder where the pictures which he sees comes in his dreams and turn into reality. He discusses this with his wife Shalu and his best friend Digamber Minapure (Mina), Shalu then gets help from Dr A.Z Dcosta (Dika), but Dika turns out to be a fraud and he takes advantage of Shalu and puts her to sleep so that he can avail it in real, Mina comes to know that Dika was taken advantage of and decides to teach him a lesson by bringing the truth in front of everyone.