• Action
  • Suspense
  • Hindi
  • 1970
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inspector 1970

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Action, Suspense
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - S.K. Kapur
  • Director - Chand

Music - Datta Naik

Cast - Joy Mukherjee, Alka, Helen, Sheikh Mukhtar, Jayant, Zeb Rehman, And Others


Type - Color


Inspector Is A Spy Thriller, Where The Agent Is Out To Save Humanity From A Notorious Thief And Killer Who Has Commissioned The Discovery Of A Poisonous Gas That Can Destroy The Earth. The Chief Of The Secret Service Deputes Inspector Kundan For The Job When The Notorious Killer Rocky Had Killed The Sixth Spy Of The Country. However Before Dying He Had Reported Of Rocky‰ÛªS Monstrous Plans And The Invention Of The Gas That Would Destroy Earth. News Of Kundan‰ÛªS Deputation Reaches Rocky And He Sets Out His Goons To Kill Him. Kundan Fights His Goons On The Way And Rescues Ailing Rita, Who Was Kept In A Steel Cell By Rocky‰ÛªS Goons. Kundan Falls In Love With Rita Not Knowing That She Is Rocky‰ÛªS Pawn Who Is Out To Finish Him. However The Getting Together Of The Hunt And The Hunter Sparks Off Love Between Them, Putting Rocky‰ÛªS Plans Into A Dilemma. So, Rocky Hires A Famous International Assassinator Marshall To Do Away With Kundan. But Kundan Assassinates The Assassinator. Finally Rocky Calls Rita And With A Threat On Her Life He Orders Her To Kill Rajesh The Very Next Day. Rita Poisons Rajesh In His DrinksÉ What Happens Thereafter Makes For An Exciting Thriller Worth A Watch.