Jeevan Jyoti

  • Romantic
  • Hindi
  • 1976
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jeevan jyoti 1976

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Romantic
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - M. Balu,M. Saravanan
  • Director - Murugan Kamaran

Music - Salil Choudhury

Cast - Bindiya Goswami,Om Puri,Vijay Arora


Duration - 2:16:35

Type - Color

Grade - B

Censor Rating - U


Shekhar Lives A Wealthy Lifestyle Along With His Widowed Dad, Raja Kamlakar, And Widowed Maternal Aunt, Pratima. His Dad Has Already Arranged His Marriage With Sudha, The Daughter Of A Live-In Relative, Somnath. When Harbhans Asks Raja For Financial Assistance To Get His Sister, Laxmi, Married, Raja Not Only Agrees But Also Asks Shekhar To Attend The Marriage. Shekhar Takes The Money And Goes To The Village Where Laxmi'S Marriage Is About To Take Place With Mohan. Before The Ceremony Could Begin, The Police Arrive And Arrest Mohan For Bigamy, Leaving Laxmi And Her Widowed Mom Devastated. Feeling Sorry For Their Plight, Shekhar Steps Forward, Marries Laxmi, And Takes Her Home, While Her Brother Re-Locates To America For Employment Purposes. When They Reach Home His Father Initially Opposes The Marriage, But Pratima Convinces Him To Accept Laxmi, And As A Result She Is Welcomed Home Much To The Chagrin Of Somnath. Laxmi Settles Down To A Fairly Harmonious Lifestyle Which Is Shattered When Gold And Jewelry Is Stolen, But Subsequently Recovered. A Discussion Reveals That It Was The Poojary Who Stole Them And He Is Fired. Shortly Thereafter Shekhar Intercepts A Phone Call And A Love Letter Addressed By Mohan To His Wife. He Subsequently Witnesses A Undressed Mohan Leaving Their Bedroom, And Asks His Wife To Leave. The Question Remains: Was The Ever Virtuous And Seemingly Devoted Laxmi Secretly Having An Affair With Mohan?