Kala Aadmi

  • Social
  • Hindi
  • 1960
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kala aadmi 1960

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Social
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Ved-Madan
  • Director - Ved-Madan


Cast - Johny Walker,åÊ Shyaama, Mehmood, Ashok Kumar


Kala Admi Is The Story Of A Man With The Sixth Sense ! . "Indira Will Get Rs. 12 Lakhs If She Gets Married On Or Before The 15Th Of March, And Incase She Fails To Do So, All The Money Will Go To Charity Fun". This Was The Will Of Late Rai Bahadur Amar Kumar (Amar) Indiras Father. . Every One Is Aware Of This Will & Every One Wants To Marry Indira For Her Money. . There Are Few Characters, Desirous Of Marrying Indira. Mohan-A Happy Go-Lucky Opportunist, Chaman Lal-An Insurance Agent (Johny Walker) & Madan-A Painter (Ashok Kumar). Kunwar Sahib Iniras Guardian Does Not Like Any One Of Them And Wants Indira To Marry According To Theboy Of His Choice.