• Action
  • Suspense
  • Hindi
  • 1980
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Action, Suspense
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Subhash Ghai
  • Director - Akhtar Farooqui

Music - Laxmikant Pyarelal

Cast - Pinchoo Kapoor,Pran,Rishi Kapoor,Simi Garewal,Tina Munim

Screenplay - Sachin Bhowmick


Duration - 2:39:00

Type - Color

Grade - A+


Ravi Verma Wins A Legal Battle Against Sir Judah, His Dead Father'S Business Partner. Shantaprasad Verma, Ravi'S Dead Father, Was A Rich Man In Coonoor, Whose Property Was Being Unjustly Usurped By Judah After His Death. Ravi Gives The Good News To His Mother, Little Knowing The Fact That Judah Has Already Set New Plans In Action To Further His Intentions. Ravi Has Fallen In Love With Kamini, A Gold-Digger Working Covertly For Judah. Here, Ravi Tells His Mother That He Is Going To Get Married & Coming Back To Get Her Blessings For Him & Kamini. However, When He Is On His Way To Coonoor, Kamini Tricks Him Into Getting Out Of The Jeep. An Unsuspecting Ravi Gets Mauled By Kamini, Who Throws Him Off The Cliff Near A Small Temple Of Goddess Kali. Ravi Dies & His Death Is Written Off As An Unfortunate Accident. Nearly Two Decades Later, Monty Oberoi, An Orphan Raised By A Greedy G.G.Oberoi, Is A Teen Singer On Rise. He Likes To Play A Tune, The Same One Which Ravi Liked. But, The Tune Triggers Some Horrific Memories, Of Which He Can Make No Sense. It Is Clear That He Is Ravi'S Re-Incarnation. Monty Soon Falls In Love With An Unknown Girl, Whose Name Is Later Revealed To Be Tina. Monty Suffers Another Breakdown & Is Advised A Break Or Vacation In Some Remote Place. Monty Chooses Coonoor, Partly Because He Knows That Tina Lives There. However, Instead Of Being Placated, His Visions Become Intense. He Sees All The Places There That Were Seen In The Memories. Tina Has Told Him That She Was Brought Up By Her Rani Maa, A Woman Who Took Her Care At Behest Of Her Uncle Kabira, Who Is Always Overseas & Coming Back. In Truth, Kabira Was Sentenced To Life Imprisonment And Is About To Be Released. Monty Wins Kabira'S Affection & Permission To Court Tina. However, He Is Shocked To Learn That Rani Maa Is None Other Than Kamini, The Murderess In His Visions. Kabira Later Reveals His Story To Monty. He Learns That Tina'S Father Learnt Some Deadly Secret About The Kali Temple, Due To Which Kamini'S Brother Killed Him. In Retaliation, Kabira Killed Kamini'S Brother & Blackmailed Her To Bring Up Tina With Proper Education. Kabira Tells Monty That He Just Pretended To Know The Secret. Besides This, Monty Has Also Learnt Previously That Ravi'S Mother & His Sister Were Ousted Unjustly From Their Own House By Kamini & Her Brother. Now, He Puts All Pieces Together & Learns His Identity. He Tells The Whole Story To Kabira, Who In Turn Offers To Help Find Ravi'S Estranged Family. Lady Luck Smiles On Monty & He Is United With The Family He Was So Brutally Separated From. Realizing That Kamini Is A Puppet Of Sir Judah, Monty Decides To Pay Her In Her Own Coin. Monty Succeeds In Seducing Her. Slowly, He Starts Making Her Believe That Ravi'S Ghost Has Come Back To Exact His Revenge. Kamini Is Unable To See Through The Act & Becomes Paranoid. She Reveals To Monty That She Is Only Titular Head While Sir Judah Calls All The Shots. Slowly, A Rift Is Caused Between Her & Sir Judah. Finally, It Is Revealed That She Is Going To Start A School In The Memory Of Ravi. Monty & Tina Perform At The Function, Where They Perform On The Song Based On Actual Events That Happened With Ravi. Kamini Learns That Her Game Is Up. She Is Horrified To See That Ravi'S Mother & Sister Are Back. Kamini Runs Back To The Mansion. When Monty Comes To Confront Her, Kamini Has Totally Lost Her Cool. In A Fit Of Anger, Kamini Blurts Out Her Confession. Kabira Comes Out With Police, Who Were Hiding In The Mansion, Taping Her Confession. Just As She Is About To Be Arrested, Judah Appears With His Henchmen, Holding Ravi'S Estranged Family Under The Gun. Judah Agrees To Release Tina In Exchange Of Kamini. Just As The Exchange Is About To Take Place, Tina, Who Has Learnt All The Truth, Attacks Kamini. In The Melee, Kabira & Monty Gain An Upper Hand On The Goons. Judah Tries To Burn Down Monty'S Family, But Monty Saves Them And Kills Him In A Fire. Kamini Takes The Advantage Of The Situation & Escapes Through The Jeep. Monty Tracks Her Down Vis His Motorcycle. Finally, A Standoff Takes Place, Where Kamini Again Tries To Maul Monty. But This Time, Monty Quickly Steps Sideways, Leaving Her To Plummet To Death With The Jeep. He Realizes That He Is Standing In Front Of The Same Kali Temple Where He Was Murdered. He Looks At The Statue In A Thankful Gesture. In The End, Monty/Ravi Finally Gets His Mother'S Blessings When He Goes To Honeymoon With Tina As His Newlywed Wife.

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