• Drama
  • Hindi
  • 2018
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kathor 2018

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Drama
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Shashank Prajapati, Jai Shukla, Ravi Shukla, Uma Shukla
  • Director - Karan Kashyap

Music - Chandan Saxena

Cast - Lalit Parimoo, Sheetal Dimri, Abhishek Pandey, Durga Sarkar, Akhilesh Pandey


Duration - 1 hr 50 min

Type - Color

Grade - A


Neelkanth Chaturvedi Is 55 Years Old . He Is About To Retire In 2 Years From The Post Of Constable From Bilaspur Central Jail. He Has A Small Family, Wife Jyoti And Daughter Anu. Anu Is His Lifeline. Neelkanth Serves Food And Is The Caretaker Of The Most Dangerous Prisoners Of That Jail. He Is Soft Hearted And Has Never Raised His Voice Or Hurt Anyone In Spite Of Being In Police. Anu Has Got Engaged And Her Wedding Date Has Been Fixed And Neelkanth Is All Out To Bid Her Farewell Most Lovingly , Taking Care Of Her Smallest Whims And Fancies. Anu Stubbornly Requests Him To Take Her To The Town Fare As She Could Freely Roam Around And Purchase What She Wanted At Least Once Before Getting Married. Neelkanth Humours Her But A Naxalite Group Attacks The Village Fare And Anu Loses Her Life In The Hustle. Neelkanth And Jyoti Actually Become Hopeless And As If Lifeless As Their Small Happy World Crashes With Anu'S Demise. After A Lot Of Counseling By Well Wishers , Neelkanth Joins Back His Duty In The Jail. He Is Shocked And His Turmoil Begins When He , Not Only Comes Across Padam, The Naxalite Who Killed Anu , But He Has To Feed Him Too Everyday. It Is A Great Challenge For Him To Control His Anger And Anguish While Feeding The Devil Himself. He Curtails His Fatherly Instincts To Avenge Anu'S Death And Allows His Sense Of Duty To Win For A While. Padam Also Knows That He Had Killed Neelkanth'S Daughter. When His Wife Jyoti Comes To Know That He Is Feeding Anu'S Killer , She Gets Into A Rage And Almost Abandon'S Him. The Story Takes A Harsh Turn....Who Is More Kathor ? We Will Need To Find Out At The Theatres.

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