Khela Hobe

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 2023
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khela hobe 2023

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Drama
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Kumari Manju
  • Director - Sunil Sinha

Cast - Om Puri, Rati Agnihotri, Mughda Godse, Sanjay Batra, Aaryan, Manoj Joshi, Rushad Rana


Duration - 1h 48m

Type - Color

Censor Date - 09.02.2022

Censor Rating - UA


This story revolves around a woman who decides to contest election to take revenge against the oppression faced by her and her family. She fights election with a new agenda, other contenders fight election on the basis of secularism and progress in town, whether the major contenders using the ancient agenda of secularism or progress would win, or there will be some surprise in the result The contender's of the election is portrayed by Mugdha Godse, Manoj Joshi and Sanjay Batra.