• Action
  • Telugu
  • 1968
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khillari 1968

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Action
  • Language - Telugu


  • Director - Homi Wadia

Cast - Fearless Nadia, Dileepraj


Type - Color

Grade - D

Censor Rating - U


Khilari Is A Person Who Plays, Literally With Fire, And Comes Out Successful Becase Of His Sincerity Of Purpose And Facing The Situation With Coolness. . Our Story Is Based On A Series Of Such Incidents, Fast In Action, Dynamic In Purpose. . Our Hero (Dilip Raj) Is Deputed To Smash The Enemy-Ring Who Has Abducted A Famous Professor (W.M. Khan). The Professor Has A Formula For A Dangerous Drug That Can Destroy A Nation. . The Hero Meets X1, A Dear Lady Who Is Like A "Live Fire Ball". She Is An Expert Disguised And Helps The Hero Along With The Heroine (Uma). . The Picture Runs At A Fast Pace, From One Thrill To Another, In Bond Style, Till They Reach The Place Where The Professor Is Held As A Prisoner. . The Gang Known As Golden Dragon Is Well Organised By A Misteroius Girl (Sujata). She Wants To Destroy The Heroine And Betray The Country. . They Three Dilip Raj, X1, And Uma Like The Proverbial Musketeers Smash The Organisation And Rescue The Professor.