Laat Saab

  • Romantic
  • Hindi
  • 1992
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Romantic
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Sunil Agnihotri
  • Director - Sunil Agnihotri

Music - Anu Malik

Cast - A. K. Hangal,Ishrat Ali,Jackie Shroff,Mohsin Khan,Neelam


Duration - 2:06:56

Type - Color

Grade - B+

Censor Rating - U


Vijay (Jackie Shroff) Si Nicknamed `Laat Saab By His Loving Father, Rai Saheb Ajay Kumar (Saeed Jaffrey). Vijay Meets Anju (Neelam) In A Hotel In Simla And Its Love At First Sight. They Fall In Love With Each Other. Once When Vijay Goes To Meet Anju At The Hotel In Which She Is Residing, He Is Surprised To Find That Anju Has Left For Bomaby Leaving Behnd A Behind A Visting Card With Bomaby Address. . When Vijay Reaches The Place Mentioned In The Card, He Learns From Anjus Father Dinanath (A.K. Hangal) That Anju Has Expired Three Years Ago. The Next Day, Vijay Sees Some People Carrying A Dead Body To A Crematiorium. At The End Of The Crowd, He Is Astounded To See Anju, Dressed In All-White. She Gestures At Him. Inviting Him To Come Near Her. Vijay Tries To Do So But Anju Vanishes In The Dark. . Vijay Is In A State Of Shock And Even Mistakes Some Other Girl To Be Anju And Is Beaten Up By The Public. Inspector Jayant Mathur (Mohsin Khan) Arrives On Teh Scene And Thus Comes To The Rescue Of Vijay, Jayant Mathur, In A Bid To Clarify The Things, Takes Vijay To Dinanaths Place. Dinanath Produces Anjus Death Certificate And The Newspaper Clippings, Confirming Anjus Death. . Vijay Is All The More Baffled When An Ad Carrying Anjus Photograph Mentions Her Names A Mona. When Vijay Reaches The Hotel Where She Is Slated To Perform A Dance Item, Mona Reveals That She Is A Professio- Nal Dancer Hailing From Goa.

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