Ladki Sahyadri Ki

  • Drama
  • Musical
  • Hindi
  • 1966
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ladki sahyadri ki 1966

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Drama, Musical
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - V. Shantaram
  • Director - V. Shantaram

Cast - Shalini Abhyankar, Keshavrao Date, Vatsala Deshmukh, Kumar Dighe, Manjiri Godkar, Prabhakar Pansikar, Baburao Pendharkar, Ranjana, Sandhya, Ganesh Solanki


Duration - 2h 31m

Type - Color

Grade - A+


Rani belongs to a poor family who gets an offer to work in a theater company but her parents don't allow her to work as its against their customs to have girl working.When the village temple is destroyed in storm and needs money for repairs Rani starts to work for its restoration but her employer starts making advances for her when she refutes he decides not to pay her and stop the restoration work following which Rani also gets separated from her family.