Laxmi Narayan

  • Family
  • Hindi
  • 1951
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laxmi narayan 1951

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Family
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Basant Pictures
  • Director - Nanabhai Bhatt

Music - S. N. Tripathi

Cast - Dalpat,Mahipal,Meena Kumari,S.N. Tripathi


Duration - 2:04:23

Type - Black And White

Grade - B

Censor Rating - U


Arishtanemi, The King Of Danavas Was Raping Mother Earth For His Own Sadistic Enjoyment. He Had Polluted The Waters Of The Rivers. All The Gems Were Thrown Away In The Sea And Every Where There Was A Tale Of Suffering. At The Same Time Bhuwanmohini, Daughter Of Bhrigu Rishi Was In The Bloom Of Her Youth And Many Kings And Gods Were Aspiring To Marry Her. Indra, The King Of Gods And Arishtanemi Were Two Aspirants Competing With Each Other, While Bhuwanmohini Herself Wished To Marry Lord Vishnu, Thanks To The Praise Of The Lord By Narad. . Indra Took Away Bhuwan With Him Against Her Wishes. To Take Advantage Of This Situation, Arishtanemi Started A Yagna With Bhrigu As His Purohit. From The Holy Fire Of The Yagna Emerged Vritasur With Whose Help Arishtanemi Conquered The Kingdom Of Gods. There Arishtanemi Searched Fro Bhuwan But She Had Left Indras Palace And Alone Of The Top Of A Mountain Prayed For The Lord To Come To Her Rescue. . Having Lost His Kingdom Indra Prayed To God Shankar For Help To Conquer Arishtanemi. God Shankar Told Him That Only One Weapon Could Kill Vritasur And That Was To Be Made From The Bones Of Sage Dadhichi. Indra Went To Dadhichi And Served Him While Power-Made Arshtanemi Attacked Sage Dadhichi Only To Be Burnt Down By The Sage. Indra Got The Weapon He Wanted And Won The Battle With Vritasur. . Indra Then Went In Search Of Bhuwanmohini But Unwilling To Surrender To Indra She Jumped Down To The Sea. When Bhrigu Learnt About This Mis-Hap He Went To Lord Vishnu Who Was Asleep And Kicked Him In The Chest To Wake Him Up. In Anger He Called Out "How Can You Sleep Sound When My Daughter Died Crying Out Worry, Oh Sage She Will Come To Me When Time Is Ripe For The Same. In The Meanwhile Let Me Massage Your Foot Which Must Have Been Hurt When You Struck Me". . Later The Gods And The Danavas Churned The Great Sea When Bhuwanmohini Emerged Out As Laxmi Radiant With Wealth And Lord Vishnu Accepted Her As His Consort. This Union Is Famous In The Hindu Mythology By The Name Laxmi Narayan.

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