• Adult
  • Hindi
  • 2008
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maalishwali 2008

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Adult
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Mayura Films
  • Director - Suresh Jain

Cast - Abbu Khan,Pushpa,Reena


Type - Color

Grade - C

Censor Rating - A


Kamala Are Manju Are Sister Lived Alone They Do Not Have Father, Mother And Not Even Brothre, Kamla Is Big And Manju Is Small. Kamla Work As Malishwali. She Goes To Each And Everyone House To Do Malish, She Do For Women Child And Even Men Who Cannot Walk Properly. Here Manju Loved Mohan. Mohan Had Three Friend Named Amar, Akbar And Anthony They Always Knew Mohan That He Loved A Girl Who Is Malishwali One Day When Manju Meet Mohan He Took Him To His Room And They Spend Time Together Then Manju Asked Mohan That Now We Should Get Married Then Mohan Refused Saying That He Will, Never Marry A Girl Who Belongs To Malishwali, Then One Day When Kamla Was Coming From Her Job She Left Down And Broke Her Leg. When Manju Swa Her Sister She Told Her That Now You Will Not Go For Work In Your Place. I Will Go For Your Work Do The Malish. Then From Next Day Manju Starts Going To Do Malish.