Mahabali Hanuman

  • Devotional
  • Hindi
  • 1981
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mahabali hanuman 1981

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Devotional
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Homi Wadia
  • Director - Babubhai Mistri


Cast - S.N. Tripathi,Anjana ,Arpana,Kavita Kiran,Rakesh Pandey


Duration - 2:15:39

Type - Black And White

Grade - B+

Censor Rating - U


Mahabali Hanuman Is About Childless Anjani Who Prays To Shiva To Give Her A Son. After Nine Months She Gives Birth To One Boy Baby Named Pavanputra Hanuman Who Has Magical Powers, Including The Ability To Fly, Change Shapes, And Become Minute And Gigantic Instantly. As A Child Hanuman Mischievously Tried To Swallow The Sun, Thinking It Was A Fruit. Devaraj Indra Angers For That And Kill Him. Brahmaji Brings Back Hanumanji Back To Life. Agnidev, Vishnuji, Shivji, Yamraj, Varundev, Laxmiji, Parvatiji, Appear And Shower Blessings On The Child. Hanuman Is The Great Follower Of Sri Ramji And His Brother Lakshmanji. Ramji'S Wife Sita Devi Is Kidnaped By Shivbhakt Ravan. Ramji Fights With Ravnan And Save Sita'A Life. Finally Ramji, Sitaji, Lakshmanji And Hanuman Return To Ayodhya.