Meera Ke Girdhar

  • Devotional
  • Hindi
  • 1992
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meera ke girdhar 1992

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Devotional
  • Language - Hindi
  • Available languages - Gujarati, Rajasthani, Bengali


  • Producer - Vishva Light & Sound Ltd.
  • Director - Vijai Deep


Cast - Himani Shivpuri,Parikshat Sahani ,Renuka Israni,Upasna Singh,Viren Maathan


Duration - 2:18:35

Type - Color

Censor Rating - U


Born And Brought Up In A Royal Family, Meera (Upasna Khosla) Starts Loving Lord Krishna From Her Childhood And Even Accepts His Idol His As Her Husband. But The Mortal World Does Not Understand And Recognise Meeras Immortal Love And She Is Married To Prince Bhojraj (Viren Maatan) Of Chittorgarh. Meeras-In-Laws- Bhojrajs Step-Mother (Renuka Israni), Sister Unda (Himani Shivpuri) And Brother Vikram Singh (Shantanu Chhaparia) Start Creating Hurdles In Her Worship. On The Other Side, Prince Bhojraj Has Great Regards For Her Feelings But Eventually He Gets Trapped In The Conspirancy Of Cunning Vikram Singh And His Henchmen, That Results In His Unnatural Death. . When Meera Is Forced By Her In-Laws To Commit Sati On Deceased Bhojrajs Pyre, She Refuses Because She Considers Herself The Bride Of Lord Krishna. Then She Leaves Chottirgrah With Her Friend For Braj - The Birtheplace Of Her Girdhar. After A Few Years Meera Returns Chittorgarh, For The Welfare Of Its People Who Were Being Harassed By Vikram Singh. Anticipating Trouble For Himself Vikram Singh Makes Several Attempts To Get Rid Of Her. . But Each Time Lord Krishna Protects Meera And She Is Uneffected By Any Of Vikram Singhs Attemptss To Kill Her. Yet, Inwardly Meera Is Hurt. She Feels That In Order To Save Her, Her Girdhar Takes All Her Sufferings On Himself So That No Torture Can Reach Her. Her Love Is So Selfless That She Eventually Decides To Leave Chittorgrah. In This Way, She Feels That Her Girdhar Will Not Have To Bear Any Pain Because Of Her Since Vikram Singh Will Be Released Of His Fear Of Her. . And, As History Reveals, This Is How Meerabai Started Her Last Yatra In Search Of Her Divine Love. Her Journey Ended At Dwarka Where She Breath Her Last At The Age Of 95! Her Dupatta Was Found Near The Holy Shrine. It Is Believed That Her Soul Merged With The Idol At Dwarka, Thus Ending Its Search For The Divine Unseen Lover - And Giving Birth To The Greatest Devotee Of Lord Krishna .

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