• Crime
  • Hindi
  • 1991
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Crime
  • Language - Hindi


  • Director - Ajit Dewani

Music - Anu Malik

Cast - Aditya Pancholi,Gulshan Grover,Raza Murad


Type - Color


Rajan Belongs To A Poor Family Living In Bombay, Consisting Of His Mom, Dad, And Two Sisters, One Of Which Is Sana Who Is Of Marriageable Age. The Family Cannot Afford The Marriage, As Rs.50,000 Are Needed. Rajan Confides About To His Friend, Satiya, Who Takes Him To A Local Gangster, Rana, Who Immediately Hands Over The Money To Him Without Any Conditions. Sana'S Marriage Takes Place, And Rajan Is Indebted To Rana For Life. He Is Asked To Join His Gang And Gets Involved In Many Criminal Activities. Once He Feels That His Action Was Unnecessary And He Refuses To Carry Out An Assault, Thus Bringing Him In The Bad Books Of Rana, Who Now Wants Him Dead. Rajan Goes To Jaleel, Rana'S Rival, And Seeks His Protection, And Is Welcomed With Open Arms. Thus Begins Rajan'S New Life, He Outshines The Others In His Diligence And Loyalty To Jaleel And Is Soon Regarded As His Right-Hand Man. Rajan Meets With Jyoti And Both Fall In Love, But Jyoti Wants Rajan To Give Up All Criminal Activities. Rajan Tries To Do So, Is Arrested And Held In Prison. It Is Then He Realizes That He May Face Life In Prison, Changes His Mind And Returns To Jaleel And Crime. Shortly Thereafter He Starts To Feel That Things Would Be Better If Jaleel And Rana Give Up Their Differences And Become Allies. Both Are Reluctant, But He Lures Them To Meet, And They Do So. Both Protagonists Are Unwilling To Bow Down Before The Other, And Pretty Soon An Argument Ensues. Rajan Must Now Decide What'S To Happen - He Has A Choice - He Can Kill Either One And Earn His Loyalty To The Other - Or He Can Kill Both Of Them And Become The Unchallenged Leader Of Both The Gangs.

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