Namasthe Ghost (Hindi Dubbed)

  • Horror
  • Hindi
  • 2023
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namasthe ghost hindi dubbed 2023

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Horror
  • Language - Hindi
  • Available languages - Hindi


  • Producer - Ramesh Kumar, Girish N, Vijay Reddy Rachamallu
  • Director - Bharath Nanda

Music - Yedhunandhan

Cast - Chethan Nanjegowda, Bharath Nanda, R. Lingaraju, Shivakumar Aradhya, Shivamogga Harish


Duration - 2h 7m

Type - Color

Censor Date - 12.07.2022

Censor Rating - UA


The Story of this Movie revolves around the character Shiva, Shiva goes through a series of dreams that makes him question reality every day. In order to find out the reality Shiva plays a Spirit game, but he ends up getting into a new problem. Whether Shiva was able to come out with a solution to this problem or not is the Mystery of the Story.