• Family Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1958
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parvarish 1958

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Family Drama
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Mahipatray Shah
  • Director - S. Bannerjee

Music - Dattaram Wadkar

Cast - Lalita Pawar,Mala Sinha,Mehmood Ali Khan ,Raj Kapoor


Duration - 2:20:01

Type - Black And White

Grade - A+

Censor Rating - U



Thakur Jaswant Singh Had Despaired Of Having A Child When Fate Suddenly Blessed Him With Not One But Two Sons. On Account Of A Tragic Fire In The Hospital, Jaswant Singh S Son Gets Mixed Up With Another Child. Jaswant Singh And His Wife Cannot Recognize Their Own Offspring And To Be On The Safe Side Both The Baby Boys Are Taken Home. Jaswant Singh Is Disturbed By This Twist Of Fortunes But His Best Friend Harnam Singh Consoles Him. Jaswant S Wife Meanwhile Behaves Like A Pillar Of Strength And Courage. She Brings Up Both The Boys With Care And As The Years Roll By Raja And Ramesh Grow Up To Be Smart, Well Educated Young Men. When Harnam Singh Returns After A Long Stay Abroad He Is Faced With A Major Question Who Is The Real Son Of Jaswant Singh, Raja Or Ramesh? However At Harnam‰ÛªS Welcome-Home Party, An Untoward Incident Leaves Jaswant Offended. When This Dawns On Raja, He Decides To Leave Home, And Lands Up In Police Custody. Jaswant Looks Upon This As A Blessing In Disguise And Promptly Disowns Raja. Irony Of Ironies, Raja And Harnam Singh S Daughter Asha Fall In Love With Each Other Quite Literally By Accident. They Are Determined To Get Married. Simultaneously Harnam And Jaswant Are Busy Making Preparations For Asha S Marriage To Ramesh. When Asha Comes To Know Of This, She Is Outraged And Confides Everything To Raja‰ÛªS Mother. When Harnam Comes To Know Of Asha S Stance He Collapses And Is Hospitalized. What Happens Next? Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water? What Is More Important-Blood Relations Or Upbringing.? Find Out By Watching The Pulsating Film Parvarish .

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