Peechha Karro

  • Comedy
  • Thriller
  • Hindi
  • 1988
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peechha karro 1988

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Comedy, Thriller
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Raj Kumar Jain
  • Director - Pankaj Parashar

Music - Anand and Milind

Cast - Amjad Khan,Farooq Sheikh,Ravi Baswani,Satish Shah


Duration - 2:05:31

Type - Color

Grade - A

Censor Rating - U



At The End Of A Lonely Road Stands The Bunglow Of The Brigadier (Amjad Khan). Two Detectives €“ Aira And Gaira (Ravi Bawani And Satish Shah) €“ Keep A Watch On Brigadier’S Movements. The Brigadier Comes Out Of His Bunglow Takes A Taxi And Goes Away. The Detectives Chase The Brigadier. But They Miss Him, This Time, Too. The Two-Aira And Gaira €“ Blame One Onother, As Usual. The Two Suspect Brigadier To Be An Anti-National Spy. Aira And Gaira Are Bent Upon Nabbing The Brigadier And Handing Him Over To The Police. But Brigadier’S Daughter, Roma (Roma Manik), Unware Of Her Father’S €˜Activites.€™ Roma Is In Love With Vijay (Faroque Shaikh). She Wishes To Marry Him, But Is Afraid To Tell Her Father, The Brigadier. Roma Is Afraid That Her Father Will Say €˜No’ And Why Not ? Vijay Is The Son Of Kandha Ram, Who Sells Things Required For Cremation. So Roma And Vijay Carrying On With Their Love Secretly. But Roma Does Tell About Vijay To Her Father. Brigadier Does Not Mind Her Marriage If The Boy Is Good. Vijay Does Not Reveal His Identity Of Being A Son Of Kandha Ram (Rajendranath). However, Marriage Takes Place And Vijay Becomes Brigadier’S Son-In-Law. But Vijay And Roma’S Honeymoon Is Made Mess Of By The Two Detectives. Aira And Gaira. They Blackmail Vijay Into Revrealing Brigadier’S Secret Anti-National Plans. So, Vijay Starts Chasing His Father-In-Law.... And He Comes To Know That His Father-In-Law Is Country’S Enemy Who Secretly Passess On The Country’S Military Secrets To The Agents Of Foreign Countries. Vijay Chases Him More Vigorously. Roma Looking At Vijay’S Suspicious And Abnormal Behaviour Is Annoyed With Him. But Vijay Cannot Reveal The Truth Because Of Aira-Gaira’S Threat To Reveal His Identity. An Angry Roma Points A Revolver At Vijay. Vijay Cannot Do Anything He Just Reveal The Truth. Now Roma Also Works Out A Plan. Vijay And Roma Go According To This New Plan. They Reach The Brigadier’S Hide-Out-In The Den On No. 1 (Anupam Kher) The Boss Of Anti-National Operation. A Whole New Drama Takes Place. What Is The Drama ? What Is The Final ? The Answer Is Peechha Karro !

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