Phir Wahi Raat

  • Horror
  • Suspense
  • Hindi
  • 1980
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phir wahi raat 1980

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Horror, Suspense
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - N.N.Sippy
  • Director - Danny Denzongpa

Music - R. D. BURMAN

Cast - A.K.Hangal,Aruna Irani,Danny Denzongpa,Lalita Pawar,Rajesh Khanna


Duration - 2:26:00

Type - Color

Grade - A

Censor Rating - A


A Woman In Her Early Twenties Named Asha Lives In A Hostel Where She Gets Tortured By Nightmares And Thereby Leaves The Hostel After She Realises That Neither She Is Happy Nor Her The Hostel Authorities And Her Friends From Hostel Due To Her Behaviour. Later On She Goes To A Doctor Dr. Vijay For Treatment. Her Dreams Are Of Her Insane Aunt Who Tried To Strangle Her Years Ago After Killing Her Mother. Dr. Vijay After Understanding Her Case Decides To Take Her Outside The City, Far Away From The City, To A Remote Hilly Area Which Is The Ancestral Mansion, Where She Spent Her Childhood And Is A Replica Of Ancestral Mansion Which She Fantasies About. Shoba, A Close Friend Of Asha, Also Decides To Accompany Asha To The Mansion. Asha And Vijay Gradually Start Liking Each Other And Fall In Love With Each Other. There, In The Big Old Mansion, Asha Witnesses Lots Of Things Which Makes Her More Scared, But Vijay Does Not Agree With Her. Vijay Starts Suspecting The Daughter Of Vishwanath To Be The Person, Who Is Playing Some Prank On Asha. Later Ashok, A Cousin Of Asha, Comes To India To Meet Her All Alone. Asha Is Angry At Ashok, For He Has Married A Christian Woman, Without Disclosing To Her. Later, On The Eve Of Asha'S Birthday, Ashok'S Wife Gets Murdered, And This Further Changes The Life Of Asha. The Rest Of The Story Is Full Of Suspense Till The End.

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