• Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Hindi
  • 1986
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qatl 1986

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Suspense, Thriller
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - R.K. Nayyar
  • Director - R.K. Nayyar

Music - Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Cast - Sanjeev Kumar,Ranjeeta Kaur,Shatrughan Sinha


Type - Color


She Was A Two-Timing Woman,A Petty Shop- Lifter Turned Into A Famous St Age Actress,Who First Married A Well Known Stage Actor And Director Rakesh And Then Batra Yed His Blind Love By Having A Torried Affair With His Best Freind Ranjeet. But Rohini Was Beautiful,Sensuous- And Alive.She Loved Life. Till She Was Murdered.Her Dead,Bullet-Riden,Blood Stained Body Was Discovered In The Appartment Of Her Lover Ranjeet. When Insp- Ector Shatru Look Over The Case,He Had An Intriguing,Baf- Fling Mystery To Solve.Any One Of The Three Could Have Murdered Her. Ranjeet Her Handsome Lover. Why Would He Murder Her In His Own Apartment,With His Own Revol- Ver And Then Ring Upthe Polic To Get Himself Arrested?Seeta The Highly-Principled,Loyal Nurse Attending On Rohini'S Blind Husband Raakesh. There Was An Umbrealla Caried By The Murderer And Left In The Building In Which The Crime Had Been Commited-And The Umbrella Was Traced To Seeta.She Disliked Rohini Who Betrayed Her Blind Husband,And Even Though She Kept Her Silence And Did Not Speak About The Sins Of Her Adulterous Mistress,Her Loyal Ty To Raakesh Could Have Motti Vated Her To Commit The Murder And Then Marry The Husband Herself. But Seeta Was Too Gentle,To Noble A Soul To Be Associated With Murder. She Was Trained To Prolong Life,Not To Terminate It. And Last, The Most Likely Suspect, Raakesh Himself. He Was One With The Strongest Motive To Punish His Tracherous Wife, For Betraying His Love.He Had Become Blind In The Act Of Saving Her Life-Now How Could He Tolerate Her Infedility? But Raakesh Could Not Have Commited The Murder-For The Simple Reason That It Was Not Possible For A Blind Man To Walk Five Miles,Reach The Buil Ding,Force His Way Into An Appartment Locked From Inside And Then,And Without Being Able To See,Locate His Target And Accurately Shoot Her Down And Then Make Good His Escape.It Was Impossible. Yet,One Of These Three Had Commited The Murder-And When The Case Come The Trial,Even The Judge Could Not Believe The Fantastic Way This Murder Jad Been Planned And Executed. Qatl'Is The Story Of A Murder,Which Can Only Be Born Out Of Either Limitless Love-Or Equally Intense Feeling Of Hatred,It Is A Murder Unlike You Have Ever Witnessed Before In Any Film-Or Will Ever Do.