• Romantic
  • Suspense
  • Hindi
  • 1980
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saboot 1980

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Romantic, Suspense
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - G.H. Navani,Raaj Baweja
  • Director - Shyam Ramsay,Tulsi Ramsay

Music - Bappi Lahiri

Cast - Prem Chopra,Kajal Kiran,Navin Nischol,Vidya Sinha ,Vinod Mehra


Duration - 2:12:37

Type - Color

Grade - B

Censor Rating - A



Seth Dharamdas Has Two Daughters: The Older One Is Asha(Vidya Sinha) And The Younger One Is Kaajal(Kaajal Kiran). Dharamdas Had Struck A Business Deal With Dhanraj. Here, Asha Marries Her Love Interest Akash(Vinod Mehra), But He Dies In An Air Crash. Asha Grieves His Loss, Following Which Dharamdas Cancels His Plan To Sell The Factory And Decides To Dedicate The Factory As A Souvenir To Akash. Dhanraj Doesn'T Want This Deal Be Cancelled And Hence Bribes Dharamdas'S Trusted Employees Manmohan Saxena(Roopesh Kumar), Ashok Gupta(Narendra Nath), And Rita(Padma Khanna) Into Helping Him To Kill Dharamdas. Dharamdas Has To Go To Nainital For A Business Trip. However, He Is Approached By Dhanraj, Ashok, And Manmohan In The Train Itself And Is Forced To Sign An Agreement That Would Entitle Dhanraj To Be The Sole Owner Of All His Riches. Dharamdas Does As Told, However The Crooks Kill Him And Bury Him Nearby. During The Fracas, Ashok'S Knife Falls Down Into The Grave But He Is In A Hurry And Doesn'T Have Time To Take It Out. In The Meantime, Asha And Kaajal Are Being Looked After By Ajit Roy, Who Used To Hold A Responsible Post In The Factory During Dharamdas'S Ownership. Ajit Roy Strikes Up Another Deal With Dhanraj. Suddenly, The Ghost Of Dharamdas Starts Confronting His Killers. The Villains Die Due To The Shock Of Seeing Him. A Wave Of Panic Runs Among The Killers. Dharamdas'S Daughters Are Unaware Of The Truth, As They Believe That Their Father Has Gone Missing. Dharamdas'S Case Is Given To Inspector Anand(Navin Nischol), An Old Friend Of Akash. When The Villains Start Dying Mysteriously, Anand Becomes Confident That There Is Some Connection Between The Deaths And The Disappearance Of Dharamdas. Anand Sets Up Traps, Confident That Dharamdas Is Still Alive And Killing His Associates For Some Still Unknown Reason. He Has No Luck Until Dhanraj Gets Killed. Anand Sees Dharamdas And Shoots Him. After Giving Him A Chase, It Is Revealed To Him And Kaajal That The Ghost Was None Other Than Asha Wearing The Mask Of Her Father. Nobody Is Sure Why Asha Did This, But She Drops A Bombshell By Telling The Court That Her Father Is Dead And That She Has Killed His Killers. Asha Explains That She Was Supposed To Travel Somewhere Too On The Fateful Day. But She Suddenly Developed Fever, Upon Which Dharamdas Decided To Take Her With Him. Asha Saw The Killers Kill Her Father And Throw Away His Body In Front Of Her Own Eyes. Asha Survived Because Nobody Knew That She Was Travelling With Dharamdas. She Was In The Bathroom, Unknown To The Killers, In A State Of Shock. However, The Court Holds Her Guilty Of Murdering Dhanraj. It Is Claimed That Dhanraj Knew The Truth, Which Is Why He Was Shot Dead By Her. Asha Claims That She Never Attacked Him. Anand Decides To Investigate The Matter Again. He Realizes That Ajit Knows More About The Matter Than He Is Letting In. He Finds Out Ajit'S Secret Lair Alongwith Kaajal. Going Through The Documents There, He Receives Another Shocker: Akash Is Still Alive. Anand Succeeds In Locating His Friend. Akash Tells Him That Ajit Had Him Kidnapped And Faked The Accident To Usurp Dharamdas'S Wealth. The Duo Escape The Place After Overpowering Ajit'S Goons. Finally, They Confront Ajit Who Accepts That He Killed Dhanraj. Ajit Was Afraid That Dhanraj Might Rat Him Out Due To The Panic. So, When Dharamdas Made His Appearance In Front Of Dhanraj, Ajit Used The Chance. Based On Ajit'S Confession, Asha Is Exonerated And Gets A Lower Sentence. In The End, Asha And Akash Are United, While Anand Gets United With Kaajal.

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