• Romance
  • Hindi
  • 1997
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sanam 1997

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Romance
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Samir Hingora, Hanif Kadawala
  • Director - Aziz Sejawal

Cast - Sanjay Dutt, Manisha Koirala, Vivek Mushran, Anupam Kher, Kader Khan & Other


Duration - 2h 32m

Type - Color


Yashpal Anand Is A Wealthy Industrialist And Lives With His Wife, A Son, Gaurav And His Eldest Son, Narendra, Who Resides Abroad. The Only Bright Spot In Yashpal'S Life Is Narendra Which Often Overshadows The Love An Affections Towards The Younger Son, Gaurav. When Narendra Return From Overseas Yashpal Is Quite Delighted And Passes His Time Away In The Company Of Narendra. He Suffers A Set Back When Narendra Passes Away In An Accident Leaving Gaurav To Go Enroll Himself Into The Indian Army So That He Can Make Something Out Of Himself In The Eyes Of His Loved Ones.