Sos : Secrets Of Sex

  • Adult
  • Hindi
  • 2013
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sos secrets of sex 2013

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Adult
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Kumaar Aadarsh.
  • Director - Kumaar Aadarsh.


Cast - A Ritesh Raghuvanshi, Aasma Sayed, Kumaar Aadarsh, Harman Preet Kaur, Gagan Guru, Pallavi Singh, Kushboo, Isha Sarkar, Akansha Sharma, Pankaj Matta, Nitin Chaudary, Prakash Jha, Santosh Vishwakarma, Aarti Singh, Baby Anamika, Kingraj,


Type - Color

Censor Rating - A


In Modern India, How Far We Are Responsible Towards Our Teenage Children Is A Question. This Is The Age When They Are To Be Cared And Taught About Changes In Their Physic And Sexuality. This Is The Story Of Teenagers. Prachi And Ritvik Both Are School Going Teenagers. Once They Got Physical Due To Their Sexual Drive. Both Kids Belongs From Good Family Background. Prachi'S Elder Sister Dr. Sangeeta Is A Sex Therapist And Ritvik'S Brother Dr. Sumeet Is A Surgon. Dr. Sangeeta Who Cures Sex Troubles Takes The Case Of Dr. Sumeet'S Erectile Dysfunction. Dr. Sangeeta Finds That Sumeet'S Problem Is Mental Not Physical. In The Meantime Prachi Becomes Pregnant And Both Kids Are Trying To Solve The Matter By Way Of Abortion. Dr. Sangeeta'S Maid Sheela'S Friend Susheela Is The Victim Of Child Abuse And She Can Not Consummate With Her Husband Raju. How Dr. Sumeet'S Problem Be Cured. Would Prachi And Ritvik Come Out Of Their Trouble? Could Susheela And Raju Lead Happy Married Life? These Are Answered In A Very Educative Way In This Film.