Sunder Padosan

  • Adult
  • Hindi
  • 2007
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sunder padosan 2007

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Adult
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Nirmala Bafna
  • Director - Kishan Shah

Cast - Anil Nagrath,Mohan Joshi,Payal,Payal Sharma


Type - Color

Grade - C

Censor Rating - A


Jay and Kishan are father and son respectively, but they live like friends. They both are in search of such types of girls with whom they may extend their love and marry with them. They meet Trishna and Shalu. Trishna loves Jay and Shalu loves Kishan. Romance starts between Jay Trishna and kishan Shalu. Every thing was going smoothly. In the mean time one girl Nancy comes in their lives. She flirts both of them. They forget their beloved and both are after Nancy. on the other hand incidents regarding increasing of suicides of young girls are in the city. Jay is also an inspector but he forgets his duties and responsibilities in the love of Nancy. But Kishan doubts on Nancy he finds the reality of Nancy. They all Jay, Kishan, Trishna and Shalu follow Nancy. they reach her Place. They are surprised to know the reality of Nancy and the people who are involved behind the suicides of the young girls of the city.