Teen Chor

  • Romantic
  • Hindi
  • 1973
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teen chor 1973

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Romantic
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Ravi Malik
  • Director - Dada Mirasi


Cast - I.S.Johar,Jeevan,Vinod Mehra,Zaheeda


Duration - 2:06:23

Type - Color

Grade - B+

Censor Rating - U


Om, Jeevan And Johar Are Serving Different Terms Of Sentences On Different Counts In The Same Prison Cell. Their Attempt To Escape Is Successful, Alluding The Police And Prison Vigil, They Reach Neighbouring Town. There They Meet Ratanlal, A God Fearing Man. They Change Their Jail Uniform While Ratnalal Is Not Around His Store And Ratnalal Believes Them To Be Labourers. Johar Falls From The Roof, They Are Now Forced By Ratnalals Family To Stay In Their House Till Johars Injury Heals Little Knowing That They Are Harbouring Hardened Criminals.The Culprits Only Aim Now Is To Open Ratnalas Safe And Lay Their Hands On Whatever Found Therein. Gradually A Change Overtakes Their Mind. They Can'T Help Feeling An Interest In The Affairs Of This Family, Who Have Shown Them Invariable Consideration And Sweet Good Nature. Their Intensions To Rob Ratnalal Of His Valuables Changes To Relieve Ratnalals Troubles.Ratnalal Is In The Clutches Of A Thakur Who Threatens Ratnalal To Auction His Property Unless Radha, Ratanlal'S Daughter Given In Marriage To Gulshan. Ratanlal Can Neither Repay The Thakurs Loan Nor Can He Allow This Marriage.Ratanlal Leaves His Shop In The Hands Of The Culprits And Goes To Delhi To Borrow Money From His Brother. The Culprits Use Ingenious Methods To Increase The Sale Of This Shop. Here They Meet Mohan, The Nephew Of A Rich Miser. They Realise That Radha Loves Mohan, But Their Marriage Cannot Be Solemnized Unless Ratanlal Pays Mohans Uncle A Dowry Of Rupees Fifty Thousand Which Is Beyond Ratanlals Capacity. How The Culprits Successfully Help Ratanlal To Overcome Thakurs Threats, Unite Radha And Mohan Is A Story Full Of Thrills & Comedy.

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