The Curse Of Medea

  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • English
  • 2022
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the curse of medea 2022

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Horror, Mystery
  • Language - English
  • Available languages - English


  • Producer - Roman Borisevich, Polina Zadorozhnaia
  • Director - Igor Voloshin

Music - Alexander Kopeikin

Cast - Paulina Andreeva, Pavel Derevyanko, Kirill Kolpachkov, Nikita Kolpachkov, Kirill Polukhin, Olga Simonova, Oleg Vasilkov


Duration - 1h 31m

Type - Color


After the divorce, Liza was left with two children. Soon she meets a woman who is called her relative and says that their family has a family curse and that Liza's boys are in mortal danger. Liza refuses to believe in superstitious fears, but later strange visions begin to visit her, and she realizes that the curse turns out to be real. Now she must save her children from evil at any cost.