Tu Hi Mera Dil

  • Romantic
  • Hindi
  • 1994
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tu hi mera dil 1994

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Romantic
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Deepak Bahry
  • Director - Indra Kumar

Music - Kalyanji Anandji

Cast - Meenakshi Sheshadri,Prabhu,Ramesh Arvind


Duration - 2:25:57

Type - Color

Grade - A


Guna (Prabhu Ganesan) And Siva (Ramesh Aravind) Are Two Brothers Who Own An Orchestra And Are Very Popular With Their Performances. Both Are Very Affectionate Towards Each Other. Both Of Them Look For Their Love And Eventually Find One. The Girl Whom Siva Chose, Accepted His Love While The Girl Chose By Guna Insults Him Of His Fat Size Which Hurts Him. Siva'S Love Fails And He Is Heart Broken. To Console Him Guna Shifts To City With Siva And His Sister. Guna'S Father Had An Illegal Affair With A Woman Named Sitamma During Their Childhood And In Death Bed His Father Gets A Promise From Guna That He Should Accommodate Her With Them As She Does Not Have Any Relation. Guna Who Lost His Mother Invites Her To Live With Them. Sitamma Accepts On Condition That Nobody In The Family Should Know How She Is Related To Them And Also She Should Be Introduced As A Cook. Unwillingly Guna Accepts For That. Guna Being A Saxophone Player, Music Director And Lyricist And Siva As Singer Flourish In Their Career. Sitamma Finds Guna Is A Very Affectionate Person And Siva Is A Very Sensitive Person Who Cannot Bear Any Downfalls In Life Even To A Little Extent. Next To Guna'S Home Located The House Of Film Choreographer Anjali (Meenakshi Sheshadri) Who Is A Very Beautiful Woman. Both Guna And Siva See Her Separately And Fall In Love. Siva Approaches Her Directly And Impress Her. Anjali Hears A Saxophone Music Which She Misunderstands That It Is Played By Siva. She Gets Attracted To Siva For That Reason. Siva Also Lies To Her That All His Brother'S Talents As His Talents. Guna Who Has Got A Complex About His Fat Size Decide To Begin A Friendship To Anjali'S Father And Gradually To Her Not Knowing She Already Loves Siva. Anjali Responds To His Non-Direct Approach Thinking It Is Done By Siva But Guna Is Very Happy That She Loves Him. Film Superstar Dilip (Prakash Raj) Also Gets Attracted To Anjali And He Behaves Very Closely To Her Which Irritates Possessive Siva. This Creates A Fight Between The Two. Sitamma Finds About The Misunderstanding Among Guna, Anjali And Siva And Tells Guna About Love Affair Between Them Which Shocks Guna. She Convinces Guna To Drop His Love For Her As Siva Cannot Tolerate Any Defeat In His Life To Which Guna Does Not Accept It. Anjali Gets Confused When Guna Confesses His Love For Her. Anjali Also Comes To Know That Siva Has Lied To Her About His Saxophone And Poem Writing Talent And She Gets Furious On Him. She Asks Him To Drop The Love As She Does Not Want Be The Reason For Heat Between Two Brothers. Siva Decides That He Will Not Accept Anyone Between Them Even If It Happens To Be His Own Brother. Filmstar Dilip Compels Anjali To Marry Him And Anjali Refuses To It. On Anger He Gives A Fake Statement To Press That Both Himself And Anjali Are In Love And Planned To Get Married Shortly. Guna Gets Furious That She Cheated Both Him And His Brother. But Anjali Explains That She Is Not Responsible. Anjali'S Father Convinces Her That Guna Is Right For Her As She Got Attracted Only To His Talents And Eventually Her Love Should Be For Him. Dilip Provokes The Heat Between Guna And Siva And Because Of Which Siva Insults His Brother And Sitamma Resulting To Her Demise. Dilip Kidnaps Anjali To Marry Her. Unable To Save Anjali He Comes Back To His Family Pleading To Save Her. Guna Fights With Dilip And Rescues Anjali. But Dilip Threatens Guna With Siva On The Top Of The Hill. Siva Pulls Him And Jumps From The Hill Top And Dies. Back To The Present, It Was The Day Siva Died On The Same Place Where Guna Is Playing Sax On His Memory. Anjali'S Father Convinces Guna About Anjali And Request Him To Marry Her Else Kill Her By His Hands As He Could Not Tolerate Her Sufferings. Guna And Anjali Finally Unite.

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