Veer Ghatotkachh Or Surekhaharan

  • Mythological
  • Hindi
  • 1949
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veer ghatotkachh or surekhaharan 1949

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Mythological
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Homi Wadia
  • Director - Nanabhai Bhatt

Music - S.N. Tripathi

Cast - Meena Kumari,Niranjan Sharma,Shahu Modak,Sulochana


Duration - 2:06:57

Type - Black And White

Grade - B

Censor Rating - U


Brave Persons Are Always Loved By The Fair Sex Whether They Are Human, Rakshas Or Devine. In The Jungle Near The Banks Of The Ganges Rakhasee Hindimba Saw For Her Own Self The Bravery Of Bhim Second Amongst Pandavas But First In His Powerful Puch. The Union Brought About The Brith Of Vir Ghatokachh. . From The Very Birth He Was Seperated From His Father Who Was Obedently Sharing The Joys And Sorrows With His Other Four Brothers In Indraprashta, The Rajsuya Yagna Celebrated By The Pandavas Was The Great Occasion And Relations From Far And Wide Had Collected In Indraprastha. Among Them Were Surekha, Daughter Of Balram Elder Brother Of Lord Krishna & Abhimanyu Son Of Pandava Arjun And As Is Said "They Were Created By God For Each Other". . But Fate Drove The Pandavas Out Of Their Wealthy Places And Balram Changed His Mind And Decided That Surekha Should Be Married To Laxman, Son Of Duryodhan Instead Of Abhimanyu Although They Were Betrothed. Revati, Surekhas Mother Did Not Approve Of The Idea. . Abhimanyu Revolted Agianst This Decision And Started Towards Dwarka To Elope With Surekha. On Way He Met Ghatotkachh But Since They Did Not Knwo Each Other They Had To Test Each Others Strength Before The Fight Ended Happily For Both Of Them And They Came To Know That They Are Cousins. Ghatotkachh Undertook To Help Abhimanyu In His Elopment With Surekha. They Both Went To Dwarka. There At The Instance Of Lord Krishna And Narad, Ghatotkachh Out Of His Maya Created A Maya Bazar And Sold Many A False Things To The Kaurav Party Who Had Come For The Marriage Of Surekha With Laxman.