Yaadon Ke Mausam

  • Romantic
  • Hindi
  • 1990
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yaadon ke mausam 1990

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Romantic
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Pavesh Mehra
  • Director - Salahuddin Parvez

Music - Anand and Milind

Cast - Saeed Jaffrey,Sulabha Deshpande,Sushma Seth


Duration - 2:20:51

Type - Color

Grade - B

Censor Rating - U


Yaadon Ke Mausam” Is A Love-Poem On Celluloid. Salahuddin Parvez, Has Gone Back In Time And Recreated The Atmosphere Of The Golden Romantic Age When Madhubala, Nargis & Meenakumari Throbbed In Teh Hearts Of The Million. The Nostalgia Of That Period Is Artistically Inter Woven In The Contemporary Scene Of India’S Composite Culture And Its Manifold Levels Of Pleasure, Pains And Complex Emotions. Arjumand And Salim Love Each Other Intensely But Arjumand’S Class €“ Conscious Father Does Not Approve Of An €˜Unemployed’ Young Man For His Only Daughter. Kiran, Salim’S Friend, Loves Supriya. He Himself Is Suffering From A Brain Tumour. Kiran Knows That He Will Not Alive Long. Yet, He Throws His Charms And Benevolence On Everyone Who Comes In His Contact. On The Other Hand, The Seperation Makes The Hearts Of Arjumand & Salim Grow Fonder. The Lovely Moon-Lit Nights Ignite The Passions Of Love And Romance. Salim’S Sister Gets Married And The Scheming Brother-In-Law Naseer Along With Mirza Qamaruddin Baig Changeizi Starts Playing Nafarious Games In The House-Hold. Mother, Who Represents The Sancity Of Indian House-Hold, Tries In Vain To Hold The House Together Again Disintegration. In The Process She Looses Her Young Son And Many A Precious Things. Eventually She Also Passes Away. In The Meantime Kiran Dies Of Brain Haemmorage But Before That Unites The Lovers And Leaves Behind A Legacy Of Following Words :- €Œtomrrow When The Sun Dies And The Night Awakens I Shall Live For Ages But In A Moment And Then Pass Away Nothing Shall Speak Just Listen Seasons Come And Go But These Seasons Of Memories Shall Freeze Between You And Me.